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s775 ECS 945G-M3 + P4 3.0GHz

- системная плата : EliteGroup ECS 945G-M3 Rev1.0a 775
- процессор : Intel Pentium 4 630 3.0GHz LGA775
- видеокарта с VGA выходом
- кулер 3pin

Bios updating in ECS motherboard

Let me show you how to update the BIOS in ECS motherboard
Samet Sadık : I'm doing the same on the g31t m3 motherboard, but it just doesn't work. Can you help me?
Mythical MYSTIC : I have ECS 945GCT-M2 should I use afudos or afuwin
Mythical MYSTIC : Is there any way to start virtualisation technology in ecs motherboard.
Caz I am finding for virtualization in bios
Thanks to you my bios has been updated but I am not able to find any way to enable virtualisation in ecs motherboard
wolf rain : thank you man ! so wery helpful
Maverick 007 : Can i update bios of ecs h67h2-m3 board my pc wont POST at first try can Bios be the cause... is it risky to update bios

Thermal Pad Instead of Thermal Paste?

- Here are a few thermal pastes I recommend:

ARCTIC SILVER 5: http://amzn.to/2sqSGDr
NOCTUA NT-H1: http://amzn.to/2t4tSzc
IC DIAMOND: http://amzn.to/2rjeAFj

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'The Awakening' by Aeon

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Max Headrom : Does anyone know if fanless MBs use paste or pad? I have AsRock J1900 and want to make it cooler but the heatsink is not screwed - it uses those coils to push it down ... if anyone has some experience, please send a reply! Thanks!!!
TrsN : thats the exact right amount thermal, bro.
Marvinx O : Stupid, you don't even know how to use silicon pad, lol you just putted 1/4 size pad to the actual size of the CPU? epic fail, commonsense bro.
『 Pᴀɴᴢᴇʀ Dʀᴀɢᴏᴏɴ Wᴏʀʟᴅ』「パンツァードラグーンワールド」 : I mean, you don't cover the entirety of the CPU and as pads have thickness that paste don't have (btw you didn't spread your paste evenly neither), you are introducing an extra gap. You need to cut the pad in custom size to judge its action fairly. Because as I said, pads will introduce a gap otherwise and not the entire surface will be in contact. With paste, even if you don't spread it entirely, the CPU & cooler would still have more surface in contact.
Gigi Muschi : Brian Hanson post.




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